Major UK High Street Bank

Details of this project are under NDA, so all branding has been removed.


A major UK high street bank provides current accounts and insurance. This means they know an awful lot about their customers, and could use machine learning to cross sell some of their 14m bank account holders to their insurance product. How could we use the data we hold on them to provide a better experience? And what’s the right mobile user flow and interface to deliver it?


I led the project from the agency side, working with Adaptive Lab, leading a team of two designers and a developer. I was involved in all aspects from facilitating the kick off, to laying out user journeys, to two rounds of user testing and final interface design with Sketch and MarvelApp.


The approach was a two month lean sprint, laser focused on the customer. We ran multiple rounds of user testing with target customers, pushing and prodding our prototypes to see what resonated and where the mark was missed.


Final Product


An exceptionally happy client, we had built a launchable interface which had been well validated by customers.

Key user testing results, percentage who felt:

  • 100%  Would use this again based on ease of application
  • 80%  Allowing the user to make a claim through the app gives them a sense that the process is easy
  • 80% Users agree that the homepage gives them a rounded understanding of their insurance coverage.