Go Agent

Go Agent is a concept for a startup that would change the way people travel. Instead of trawling through travel possibilities, a user would put in the types of trip they like to go on and the best deals would come to them.


Finding the right travel deal is a messy and time consuming business. At the moment the onus is on the customer to find the destination, time of year, and best package of flights, accommodation, car hire and activities to match the trip they have in mind. Meanwhile a range of other industries, such as fashion, are putting the customer at the centre and bringing the best options, tailored to their needs, direct to their inbox. We set out to digitise the experience of a personal travel agent.


This was an original idea of mine, for which I led a team of four, to take the design to a validated concept as part of a design course. I was responsible for creating and prioritising the backlog, user research, wireframing, branding and the final interface design.


We built the interface from the ground up, after extensive user research. Over 100 survey respondents, expert interviews with travel professionals and multiple rounds of user testing that took us to an onboarding flow that was clear and would prompt the highest proportion of sign ups.


Final Product

Launch clickable prototype in new window (desktop).