La Menagerie


La Menagerie is an e-commerce brand I setup, selling origami animal necklaces. I built it in Shopify initially as part of a wider project on e-commerce fulfilment, but it took on a life of its own.


To date I have created UK, USA and Eurozone (France, Spain, Germany and Italy) versions of the site. I am responsible for all of the design and branding of the site, and managed a fantastic jewellery designer and professional origami maker to produce the animal designs. For more complex development tasks I have worked with a freelance Shopify developer.

I also have been responsible for all the digital marketing across Facebook, Google, Pinterest and influencer marketing.


I initially built the UK version of the site in 3 months. This involved the brand design work, identifying and amending an existing Shopify template, all copywriting, and organising the design of the jewellery and photography for it. After 6 months I set about creating a US version, and for the following 10 months I worked on the Eurozone site which includes 5 language versions and full GDPR compliance.

I have sequentially tested the sites through a conversion rate optimisation lens, offering buy one get one half price on all orders and free shipping and gaining a conversion rate regularly over 5%.

Final Product

The UK site can be visited here.

Site experience (mobile):


The sites have generated tens of thousands of sales, raised tens of thousands of dollars for World Wildlife Fund, and brightened up a fair few birthdays I hope.