Multinational Technology Company

Details of this project are under NDA, so all branding has been changed or removed.


How can we bring together the extra skills that our staff have that they’re not using day to day, with projects that need extra brainpower?

A multinational technology firm commissioned our team to design the MVP for a portal that would enable their internal staff to work on extra curricular gigs, enabling them to showcase skills beyond their day job. Think of it as an internal Upwork. Our task was to recommend the approach for the interface and build out a first version.


I led UX & UI design on the project, fully hands on. The team worked together with the client defining the user journeys, I built out the wireframes, and used the style guide – with a few tweaks – to design the full interface.


The project was completed with a remote team – a project manager, a product marketing manager, two developers and myself as the sole designer.

We interviewed target users and worked with the client’s HR department to understand how the product might fit around existing staff schedules, and determined a detailed set of user requirements. This was ranked and prioritised, prototyped and tested.

Final product

(Desktop version)


Past the proof of concept stage the client would be developing internally before a launch, but we were left with some great feedback: “Amazing working with you and the team. This is super exciting to see and I am very impressed with the work you guys delivered.”

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