Student Art Pass


Art Fund has a separate card for their students, available at the fraction of the price of the full pass, which opens up the same huge range of exhibitions, events and cultural venues across the country at discount rates.

They were looking for a wholly separate site for the Student Art Pass which built from the Art Fund branding but had its own identity. The design was to be from scratch, but off the same code base and data sources as the Art Fund site. The key requirements for the project were to create the information architecture for the new site with its new focus, driving students to sign up for a card, as well as give returning users a clear and useable tool to find out what’s on.


I led the UX from start to finish on this, working in MullenLowe Profero. We began with requirements gathering from the client, and their wealth of insights about the student target market. I created the sitemap from these requirements, enabling journeys for new and repeat users, built out all the wireframes in Sketch across mobile and desktop, and worked with the design and development team to bring them to life.


From the client requirements and student insights I created and prioritised a set of user requirements. I clustered the requirements into five distinct sections of the primary navigation: a home landing page, ‘Get a card’, ‘What’s on’, ‘Features’ and account info. I then started sketching to get a feel for what would be on the pages.

I created an initial set of mobile wireframes and ran a round of user tests. Users had some issues with understanding just what they got for the money, the number of required form fields, and were missing the ‘Museums & Galleries’ and ‘Opportunities’ that sat on secondary tabs within ‘What’s On’. The solutions to these were to create a ‘This week’ landing area for ‘What’s On’ which gave an overview of the week’s top Events, Exhibitions, Museums & Galleries and Opportunities. This researched much more strongly in the second round of user testing.

Wanting this brief to really produce some beautiful work, I collaborated with the visual designer to find a way to bring the card and its range to life. This resulted in the ‘sizzle’ – the header section of the homepage that dynamically demonstrates the range of things a cardholder can get for £5.

Finally I created full UX documentation to describe every interaction for the developers.

Final Product

The site is visible here: Student Art Pass

Mobile experience:

Desktop experience:


The site has been incredibly well received by the client and students alike, overdelivering on early ROI metrics. It has also generated a visual language that can be used for all future Student Art Pass activity.