WhatsApp Live Location Redesign

Challenged with taking a well known app and designing a new feature for it, alongside another designer I took WhatsApp and designed a live location capability. This actual feature came out 6 months later, in a very similar form.


Finding people when you’re on the move is tricky. (At the time of designing) WhatsApp only offered the ability to send a ‘static’ location to a friend, meaning that if you move it quickly becomes inaccurate. We set out to see if there were a better way.


Working alongside one other designer, I was primarily responsible for user journey and interface design – building a WhatsApp style kit in Sketch and a mobile prototype. My colleague focused on the user testing.


We did depth research interviews with a range of potential target users to understand whether they felt the feature would be useful. I designed a set of wireframes to get initial feedback on, then tweaked the flows in line with the responses we received before designing the final interface. We then took this back to our potential users who gave as an overwhelmingly positive response.

Final Product


Every user we tested the prototype with said they understood the feature and wanted to use it. And WhatsApp themselves rolled out the feature 6 months later.

  • 1.0 Conversations Home
  • 2.1 Inside Conversation Tooltip
  • 3.0 Conversation Attachment
  • 4.0 Share your location
  • 5.0 Live Location Shared
  • 5.1 View locations full screen